intelligent fluids GmbH
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Patented Technology – Wet Physics Instead of Wet Chemistry

The patented technology of intelligent fluids® combines gentle ingredients to tailor-made phase fluids that remove contaminates effectively and gently. Net-like, highly dynamic structures within the intelligent fluids® are the key to this amazing effect. Therefore, intelligent fluids® are able to penetrate, fragmentate and eventually lift-off even persistent impurities and heavy deposits in a gentle way.

It is this special physical mode of action that makes the process unique. For the contaminations or coatings are not dissolved in a chemically-aggressive way, even sensitive substrates and surfaces are spared.

Das Wirkprinzip - Bild

intelligent fluids® Mode of Action

Wirkprinzip der intelligent fluids®

Wirkprinzip der intelligent fluids®
Resist Lift-off with an intelligent fluid®