intelligent fluids GmbH
Karl-Heine-Straße 99, 04229 Leipzig


Intelligent fluids GmbH is a technology company designing innovative high performance cleaning fluids that are unique in the world. Intelligent fluids® are based on a groundbreaking, patented technology that combines gentle ingredients to create highly dynamic phase fluids tailored to specific needs. The highly effective fluids achieve their outstanding performance due to physical effects, no chemical dissolving or etching takes place. The fluids are therefore safe for users, equipment and environment and, thus, clearly distinguishes themselves from classical, solvent-based chemicals.

In the main markets, microelectronics, industrial maintenance and oil & gas specific product portfolios for different fields of application are created and extended continually. Fields of application include stripping, material separation and cleaning, especially the removal of dirt, residues, coatings and lacquer. Intelligent fluids® are particularly used in the sectors of microelectronics, electronics, optics, printing industry, industrial maintenance and upkeeping as well as building protection. In addition, there are future potentials in the fields of functional skin care and dental cosmetics as well as crop protection .

Intelligent fluids® are synonymous with effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability. They offer convincing advantages concerning process optimizations and cost savings. Furthermore, the innovative technology employed in intelligent fluids® is safe for users, equipment and environment. It is a long-awaited response to the ecological and economical challenges of our time. Intelligent fluids® – impact chemistry, enabling a post-solvent era.

In addition to the development of fluids for its own product line, intelligent fluids GmbH also designs products in the context of joint development agreements as well as on the basis of private label agreements.

Intelligent Fluids Company Introduction

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