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intelligent fluids GmbH

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intelligent fluids GmbH
Karl-Heine-Straße 99, 04229 Leipzig


Since 2006, intelligent fluids GmbH has been designing, developing and producing unique phase fluids with physical effects based on a patented technology. Established under the name bubbles & beyond GmbH, the innovative fluids were quickly introduced to and used by numerous industrial sectors due to their wide range of applications such as material separation, removal of surface coatings on metal, glass or synthetic material, stripping of lacquers and paint, removal of adhesive residues, high performance cleaning and transport of active agents.

Today, the clear application focus of intelligent fluids® is mainly on microelectronics, optics, industrial maintenance and upkeeping and also building protection. Still, our aim is to create and provide a sustainable, gentle and highly effective alternative to the usage of aggressive and potentially harmful chemicals. Due to ongoing innovate strength, quality thinking and enormous potential for further developmens, intelligent fluids GmbH is driving forward the future of a solvent-free era.

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2017-11: capital increase by new shareholder STC in association with IBG Sachsen-Anhalt

2017-04: rebranding of bubbles & beyond GmbH in intelligent fluids GmbH

2017-03: start of sales cooperation with Teltec North und Teltec South for microelectronics in Europe

2017-02: capital increase by new shareholders ARMATO GmbH & Co. KG and IBG Sachsen-Anhalt

2017-01: start of KET-funded project SMARTPROD (microelectronics) with Globalfoundries, AMTC, Photronics and Fraunhofer CNT

2016-11: start of development cooperation with global player in the field of chemistry

2016-08: start of sales cooperation with RTCK South Korea for microelectronics

2016-07: start of sales cooperation with SPS Netherlands for microelectronics

2016-06: start of sales cooperation with FASTGATE Japan for microelectronics

2016-05: start of EU-funded project PRIME (microelectronics) with Globalfoundries, ST Micro, IMEC etc

2016-01: silent participations by MBG Sachsen-Anhalt, Investitionsbank Sachsen-Anhalt, IBG Sachsen-Anhalt

2015-12: start of sales cooperation printing industry with Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG

2015-02: capital increase by shareholders

2015-01: start of sales cooperation with STC Taiwan for microelectronics

2014-12: start of cooperation with global player in chemistry (microelectronics)

2014-11: start of sales cooperation with HDB CHINA for cleaner (B2B and B2C)

2014-04: start of development project SMARTTECH (microelectronics) with Fraunhofer CNT Dresden and SAB funds

2014-01: granting of roof patent USA

2013-11: start of sales cooperation with S3 Alliance for microelectronics Europe

2013-09: silent participation by IBG Sachsen-Anhalt for setup and expansion of production site Leuna 

2013-08: start of sales cooperation with TECCNO for microelectronics USA

2013-04: establishment of production site, manufacture and logistics department in Leuna, Saxony-Anhalt

2013-05: capital increase and new private investors as shareholders

2012-11: Dr. Tilman Schad as shareholder, capital increase by KfW, LBBW Venture, HTGF, S-Beteiligungen and a private investor

2012-06: start of sales cooperation with KERONA (Würth Group)

2012-04/05: cooperation in transdermal skin cosmetics

2012-05: start of collaboration with Martin-Luther-Universität Halle-Wittenberg (transdermal skin cosmetics)

2012-04: granting of roof patent EU

2012-04: start of collaboration with Leibniz-Institut für umweltmedizinische Forschung (transdermal skin cosmetics) 

2012-04: nomination for "Sustainable Entrepreneurship Award" and "Industriepreis"

2012-02/03: start of collaboration with Fraunhofer (microelectronics)

2012-03: start of collaboration Fraunhofer CSP (microelectronics)

2012-02: start of collaboration Fraunhofer CNT (microelectronics)

2012-01: award as one of 365 selected landmarks in Germany – The Land of Ideas

2012-01: worldwide sales cooperation with TKM Meyer (printing industry)

2011-10: award "GründerChampion", Saxony

2011-09: start collaboration with Organic Electronic Saxony e.V. (microelectronics)

2011-08: start collaboration with Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur, Leipzig (printing industry)

2011-07: market launch printing industry (product line ENPUREX)

2011-06: participation in the competition "IQ Innovationspreis Mitteldeutschland" and "Innovationspreis Sachsen"

2011-04: start of development collaboration with JNC Japan (microelectronics)

2011-04: formation of a scientific advisory board

2010-10: approval of graffiti cleaning agents by Deutsche Bahn (anti graffiti system)

2010-08: start of collaboration basic research with University of Leipzig, Physics Institute

2010-07: Christian Römlein becomes CEO

2010-01: press article in journal "Wirtschaftswoche"

2009-11: TV report on MDR

2009-08: start of development collaboration with Beiersdorf

2009-06: press article in journal "Venture-Capital-Magazin", topic: Start-up 2009

2009-05: award as BVMW company of the month May

2009-04: start collaboration with Translationszentrum für Regenerative Medizin der Universität Leipzig (bone replacement materials)

2009-03: application for patent "gassing phase fluids"

2009-03: application for patent "transdermal systems/drug-delivery"

2008-09: market launch of anti graffiti system (graffiti removal)

2008-09: application for roof patent "phase fluids international"

2008-08: investment by S-Beteiligungen and KFW

2008-07: press article in journal "Handelsblatt"

2008-07: competition futureSAX, award "Best Business Plan"

2008-07: office and laboratories at Business & Innovation Centre, Leipzig

2008-04: investment by LBBW Venture Capital GmbH

2008-04: competition futureSAX, award "Best Marketing Strategy"

2007-12: start of collaboration with Pustefix (stable soap bubbles)

2007-09: application for roof patent "phase fluids EU"

2006-06: investment by High-Tech Gründerfonds

2006-05: company foundation by Dr. Dirk Schumann and others