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intelligent fluids GmbH
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Almost 40 million tons of toxic chemicals and 64 million tons of harmful chemicals are produced each year across the EU.* Although the substances are classified as carcinogenic, mutagenic, toxic for reproduction as well as chronically toxic, suitable substitutions for professional cleaning materials in the industrial sector have so far been lacking.

Due to the growing environmental, health and sustainability awareness, the calls for alternatives are getting louder. But the requirements are quite challenging for research and development: New substances should not only be low-risk products, but also must be just as effective as the solvent-based chemistry to be replaced.

For a long time there were only alternative products to classical, solvent-based chemicals which admittedly contained nonhazardous ingredients, but at the same time didn’t show convincing results. Until now! Thanks to the unique, patented technology of intelligent fluids GmbH, innovative fluids have been generated and designed, which on the one hand can remove contaminants and residues effectively, while on the other hand are safe for users, equipment and nature.

* © Statista 2019, Production volume of toxic chemicals in the EU-28 by toxicity class from 2010 to 2017

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